Thursday, October 28, 2010


So finally here is the release of the INSTRUMENT X BLACKLIST collab tee. Or the Indiana Shine tee, whatever you wanna call it, they will be released at noon on saturday so dont slip, get out there and get one, if you wanna rep Indiana. Yessir..........Oh yeah as a bonus, All Instrument decks will be on sale that day, with a portion on the proceeds donated to the Chambers Family. Nows the time to buy Instrument.
So Saturday Blacklist is throwing yet another top notch event to benefit the chambers family (mex and company) whos house was lost in a tragic fire. They lost everything, so if you have some extra goodys laying around, please bring them and donate to a fellow skater and his family in this time of need. ( clothes or whatever, for real) Lets join BLACKLIST in helping them get back on their feet. Also everybody come together for another BBQ/ good time, we all know Blacklist knows how to throw em. The Instrument squad will be out there so say whats up and thanks in advance for helping mex and his family.

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