Monday, May 28, 2012

Taylor Nawrocki X P Blackk

Heres a new edit from Taylor Nawrocki, by Brent Braden featuring the music of P. Blackk. Get Hip.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Win Your Own Bro Model!

At Instrument, we pride ourselves on giving back to the areas that support us the most. We re proud to announce our new contest series going on the next three months. No, this isnt your typical skatepark contest with lame biases and un qualified judges. This is a best clip contest, and will be judged by the Instrument team with input from the shop owners. The catch is the clip must be filmed within the city limits of the sponsoring shop. For June, its gonna be Galaxie skateshop in Newport, KY. For July, it will be Lawrenceburg, IN with Blacklist providing the support. August will be Embassy skateshop in Columbus OH. The submission process will last one month for each location. Clips need to be quicktime files and can be sent to We'll be putting up an edit of each citys clips on the site as well. The prize for each winner will be 5 of your very own "bro model" Instrument skateboards. you'll also have your limited edition bro model boards on the wall at the sponsoring shop so your homies and family can cop those wall bangers! You will also have the option of putting a two minute edit on the site for further exposure! Dont miss out on the chance to have your own deck! Get your clips up. Hit us up or contact the shops for further questions or info. EVERYONE is eligeable at each location. No nonsense drama because you skate for another shop in that area, and no crying about the results.... get rippy.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Gary Collins----Inspired by.

As a skateboarder thats been skating for over twenty years i've been inspired by hundreds of skaters, artists, musicians, average joes, etc. Theres no pre requisite for inspiration, it could be anything really. As far as skateboarders and skateboard tricks, one person that stands out from over the years, is Alan Peterson. Some of you prob arent familiar with him, (alot prob are) There was just something about the way he skated. In particular, the way he backside ollied. I was blessed with the privilege of traveling across the county a couple times in a smelly tour van with Alan and was equally blown away each time we skated. I remember seeing him bs stalefish and pretty much dedicated the next few sessions to learning them. Even though i havent seen alan in ten or so years, everytime i skate a backyard ramp i think of the way he did it, and how sick it was. It just looked different than everyone else. Thanks Alan, this ones for you homie. (Alan photo by hutch, Gary photo by Abineri)