Monday, October 25, 2010


Ok, so my photographer for the event was a no show somehow so i got a couple blackberry pics.. First the event was a huge blowout. there were prob around 500 heads throughout the day rolling threw. There were too many highlights to mention, but the biggest highlight i thought was the cops rolling up and trying to shut it down. Once they found out we had the proper permits, they had to bounce and the party raged on. the kegs were tapped early but everyone pitched in and there was plenty of drinks to go around. Thanks to everyone who came. For real, Everyone! Thanks to High School from Galaxie, Nick and Macko from Anonymous, Adam and Toby from Koncrete City, Joe from Blacklist, and Ali and Ryan from Able projects for all the help getting this rolling. Thanks to cricket and Devs mom for the help running the grill and beer booth. Thanks to DirtyC and Floyd for keepin the beats blasting all day.......we're gonna make a habit of this for sure. Big ups for the short video Andy Licardi put together...i'll post that real soon for those who missed it or forgot about it....Side note, grammers got double booked that night so our djs didnt get to rock. whatever i guess. Also Mayor Mark Mallory was at the after party.
Kyle Hummer went the distance and knocked out Cole Wilson for the Game of skate title and the duckets. Extra good look and breaking off second place a little something. Kyle killed it for sure. Not sure what all went down on the Galaxie obstacle, i did see ED and Devin fly over the whole thing.. that was insane. i heard jap did too. If you have photos or video please send me some of it to and heres a little edit doug made throughout the day..Macko from anoymous filmed the game of skate so there will be another video soon.

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