Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Thanks, Celina.

Originally, we left with plans of having a filmer and a photographer. the two guys who dropped off the trip were you guessed it. both filmer and photographer gone. oh well we packed up with a crew consisting of Jordan West, Zac Coyne, Cole Wilson, Gary Collins, Devin Abner, and Instrument Homie Brooks Shuping. So all we have as evidence is a couple pics from zacs Iphone. Suming up the trip, Cole and Brooks did a couple of raw ollies over a wheelchair bump, we watched a parade, ate funnel cakes, rode some carnival rides, drank about 60 beers, skating in extreme heat on blacktop, and checked out the design for their new park (which looks pretty tight) Thanks goes out to Jesse, Keith and Johnny d for bringing us up there, hopefully we ll be back soon.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Demo in Celina, Oh

A few guys from the Instrument team will be on hand in Celina Ohio this weekend for a little demo, and a skate contest. If you live anywhere in the area come out and chill with us, or come skate the competition. this is part of lakefest and should be a good time. Thanks to the skatepark commitee for bringing us out there.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Kokomo's hospital fund

Ok so a paypal account has been set up to accept donations for his hospital bills. Any and all donations will go directly to Joe for his growing medical bills. The Paypal address is kokomoshospitalfund@hotmail.com If you have any questions regarding joes sitchuation feel free to inquire at Instrumentskateboards@hotmail.com We will get back to you as soon as possible. A little bit goes a long way. Also as an added incentive, the highest donation will receive a prize package from Instrument. Lets do what we can to help. thanks in advance.

Clips from the HH Sweep.........

As i posted a while back, the Instrument slab crew swept the HH competition at ollies. They finally put up a video so peep it if you werent there, or you just want to see it again. Cole Wilson, Zac Coyne, and Cody Heil put it down for Instrument on a regular basis and we re proud to have them on the squad. SLAB UP.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


As most of you have already heard, Kokomo Joe recently got served at Burnside and spent a couple days in ICU. He is gonna be ok but will definately be in bad shape with a hospital bill for this mishap. There are a few ways you can help. Donate to his cause, Come thru Galaxie, ill tell you how. Another way to help him is to buy his board. Skateboarders have always been responsible for each other so keep joe in your thoughts and wish him a speedy recovery. Stay up homie.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Devin Abner and some homies.

Dessert sons montage from Jordan Stockton on Vimeo.

Heres a short montage from Jordan Stockton, featuring Devin Abner and a couple homie from ATL including Athony Morales, Anthony dodoro, Patrick Moresan, and Jordan Lucas. Yerp Get Rippy.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Cole Wilson Mag Minute...............

Instrument Am Cole Wilson, hitting the scene with his mag minute. Cole has been putting it down everywhere. Be on the looout for this ripper, he'll show up and wreck shop. Believe that.