Monday, September 26, 2011

Official video release date. OCT 28th

Sorry for the slow updates lately, we ve been working hard on the release of our newest video "Making Noise Volume 3" we will be premiering the video on the 28th of October in Downtown Cincinnati at Mainstay (upstairs) we will be having an all ages showing for the young bucks at 830. Then in true Instrument style, we re setting the party off at 10 with beats all night by DJ Sinceer, with a Midnight premiere for the of agers. there will be deals on products and if all goes well the dvd will be available on site. This video will feature (in no particular order) Edward Kennedy, Kokomo Joe, Zac Coyne, Ian Storm, Taylor Nawrocki, Cody Heil, Gary Collins, Jordan West, Cole Wilson, and Devin Abner. any questions, hit us up.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Taylor Nawrocki........

Taylor spent a month in Italy this summer and filmed a little part. Peep, enjoy, and get ready for the new Instrument video.....In other news, Devin continues to slaughter everything in his path, and the rest of the gang are getting their footage together for what will be the best Instrument project to date. also heres another short edit of Taylor at the canal winchester park by Chad Butler.

Taylor Nawrocki Canal skatepark from chadwick butler on Vimeo.