Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Newest Focus AD- Devin Abner

Heres Devin Abner's new focus ad. Here he adds another notch on his belt, upping the ante once again with a huge f/s flip down the UC big five. A few tricks have definately been put down on this but never one of this magnitude....Just when you thought Devin was at the top of his game, he raises the bar even higher. Oh yeah and for any doubters, theres footage, which you'll see soon enough. Devins board is available at finer skateshops. If your skateshop wont carry them, hit us up and we'll figure out a way to get you onboard.. Instrumentskateboards@hotmail.com

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Instrument welcomes Dan Charlton

Its been a while since we've added a new rider, Dan Charlton is that rider. Dans from Columbus, OH. He currently rides for Embassy skateshop and Habitat shoes. He is also featured in the upcoming "Loud Pack" video by Joseph Charlton....This is just the beginning for Dan, He's got much much more on deck..Welcome to the Squad Dan.....

Monday, July 2, 2012


BROMODEL COTIE ROBINSON from gary collins on Vimeo.

After a tough judging session, the first Bro Model is going to Cotie Robinson. Shout out to Cotie for going out and getting the winning clip on the fly...he was told about the contest on deadline day and came back in twenty minutes with this gem filmed by Glen Hammerle......Honorable mentions go out to Brooks Shuping, Zach Kincaid, Teddy Roach, Brennan Barton, Ryan True and Peter Martin for their submissions.....Next up is Lawrenceburg, get on it!