Friday, October 29, 2010


Ed Kennedy gets in my pockets as he snaps the whole damn thing. Made it look easy. photo:stephen lynch
Kokomo Joe transfers into the steep bank. photo also by stephen Lynch. Thanks Homie
The heads waiting for the Game of Skate. photo: Bass
Thanks to Anonymous and Fat Nick for throwing the prize money up for the game of Skate. photo: Bass

Thursday, October 28, 2010


So finally here is the release of the INSTRUMENT X BLACKLIST collab tee. Or the Indiana Shine tee, whatever you wanna call it, they will be released at noon on saturday so dont slip, get out there and get one, if you wanna rep Indiana. Yessir..........Oh yeah as a bonus, All Instrument decks will be on sale that day, with a portion on the proceeds donated to the Chambers Family. Nows the time to buy Instrument.
So Saturday Blacklist is throwing yet another top notch event to benefit the chambers family (mex and company) whos house was lost in a tragic fire. They lost everything, so if you have some extra goodys laying around, please bring them and donate to a fellow skater and his family in this time of need. ( clothes or whatever, for real) Lets join BLACKLIST in helping them get back on their feet. Also everybody come together for another BBQ/ good time, we all know Blacklist knows how to throw em. The Instrument squad will be out there so say whats up and thanks in advance for helping mex and his family.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Zac Coyne/ block party aftermath

Ok the pics are finally starting to roll in from Saturdays festivities. Heres Zac Coyne with what could be the trick of the whole thing. Back Threeflip on the Galaxie super obstacle. damn that still is hot. Big ups Zac and thanks to Adam bass for shooting this. Theres more, Stay tuned........

Monday, October 25, 2010


Ok, so my photographer for the event was a no show somehow so i got a couple blackberry pics.. First the event was a huge blowout. there were prob around 500 heads throughout the day rolling threw. There were too many highlights to mention, but the biggest highlight i thought was the cops rolling up and trying to shut it down. Once they found out we had the proper permits, they had to bounce and the party raged on. the kegs were tapped early but everyone pitched in and there was plenty of drinks to go around. Thanks to everyone who came. For real, Everyone! Thanks to High School from Galaxie, Nick and Macko from Anonymous, Adam and Toby from Koncrete City, Joe from Blacklist, and Ali and Ryan from Able projects for all the help getting this rolling. Thanks to cricket and Devs mom for the help running the grill and beer booth. Thanks to DirtyC and Floyd for keepin the beats blasting all day.......we're gonna make a habit of this for sure. Big ups for the short video Andy Licardi put together...i'll post that real soon for those who missed it or forgot about it....Side note, grammers got double booked that night so our djs didnt get to rock. whatever i guess. Also Mayor Mark Mallory was at the after party.
Kyle Hummer went the distance and knocked out Cole Wilson for the Game of skate title and the duckets. Extra good look and breaking off second place a little something. Kyle killed it for sure. Not sure what all went down on the Galaxie obstacle, i did see ED and Devin fly over the whole thing.. that was insane. i heard jap did too. If you have photos or video please send me some of it to and heres a little edit doug made throughout the day..Macko from anoymous filmed the game of skate so there will be another video soon.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Terry cloth Mesh Snap Backs

Just in and so hot the terry cloth mesh snap back is officially out. Hit your retailer and get yours before its too late. These are blazing! also as a token of our appreciation for all the support we are offering near wholesale pricing at the block party on everything Instrument. Thanks for all the love lets go another five. Also thanks to all of our retailers who ve stepped up to help with this party. This includes Anonymous, Blacklist, Galaxie, Unheardof, and also Koncrete city. Special thanks also to Able projects for letting us use some of their ramps and helping with the Galaxie super obstacle, you gotta see this to believe it.

Monday, October 18, 2010

BLOCK PARTY UPDATES............................

Ok a few updates on the happenings for the Block party. First off thanks to all the area skateshops for reaching out to help. This includes Anonymous, Galaxie, Blacklist, and Koncrete City. All these shops are donating time and or money to make sure this is a huge success. The game of skate is scheduled to start around 4.30-5. i suggest making sure you come early and get signed up because there are only 32 spots and its free to enter. The Galaxie end of the contest will prob run throughout the day, and will be held on their super obstacle high schools been working on. There is gonna be some food and beer that will be provided by Blacklist and Koncrete city. while there will be a good amount, you are encouraged to bring your own as well. The five year tee and the new Terry cloth mesh hats will be released as well as super blowout prices on tons of other products. The new short video will be shown around dark with a slide show after. There will also be a board display showing all of our current and previous graphics. If you arent hip to Instrument, this will get you up to speed. Kokomo Joe will be flying in to meet and Greet, and the rest of the riders will be on site also, including Edward Kennedy, Devin Abner, Zac Coyne, Gary Collins, Jordan West, Cody Heil and hopefully Taylor Nawrocki. All day chill/skate session with beats provided by DirtyC and Floyd from ohio, and a possible guest set from DJ Clockwork. At nine we're gonna move to party over to Grammers at the corner of Liberty and Walnut where the of age people can keep it going. Thanks to everyone in advance for keeping all trash and whatnot in the right place. This is the first time anything like this has gone down and we look forward to keeping it going that way. This is an all ages thing, bring your friends, kids, parents, and whoever you want. Also you may want to bring some lawn chairs...........

Thursday, October 14, 2010

20/20 Club. Gary Collins

Untitled from Tyler Macko on Vimeo.

So basically in honor of skating for 20 years, i came up with this idea to do 20 wall rides in one day. I prob could have done 30 or 40, but twenty sounded better. Tyler Macko filmed this last sunday. We got this done before noon. Anyway as a side note the first person to correctly submit the location of all 20 wallrides will get a free deck of their choice. lets see who really has a loc card. send guesses to or bring them straight to anonymous and the winner will be able to pick the board up at Anonymous Skateshop. this video will also be on their site Anonymouskateshop.comSend in those guesses. First come first serve........
Five year anniversary tee celebrating past and current team riders. If you want one of these, you better get to the blockparty next saturday. there are only 48 printed and that includes all sizes. So dont sleep these will sell out. YERP. also stay tuned for a special web contest to win a free board.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

ED Kennedy Throwaway

EDs throwaway footy. from gary collins on Vimeo.

anybody whos ever seen Ed skate knows why he's on Instrument. Heres just a couple throwaway clips til the new video drops. Also Ed will be at the five year anniversary so come through and say whats up.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Five Year Anniversary Party

Yes its true, we've made it to five years. this is a huge accomplishment so we're gonna do something special for it. Its gonna be a block party at 2017 elm street, in historic OTR. we've already received permission from the city to block off a side street, where we're gonna set up some boxes, Anonymous is gonna sponsor a game of skate for some dough, and Galaxie has vowed to build something specifically for this event. Cant wait to see what that ones gonna be like. We have a huge private lot where we're gonna have beer, food, and a slideshow of past and current Instrument riders, We will have the beats on all day with Dj DirtyC and Floyd from Ohio on the tables. The grill we be hot. we are gonna need a qualified grill master so anyone who wants to trade a little service for some product. hit us up at There will be a limited edition t shirt release as well. will post those soon. Thanks goes out to all our retailers, and everyone who reps.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Before noon with Devin.

Before Noon with Devin from gary collins on Vimeo.

so we went to the new colrain park yesterday morning early style and filmed a couple clips. Guest appearances by Instrument Homie Moe Kovach. If you havent been there yet, you're blowing it. also Five year anniversary block party is officially on October 23rd. All the detail coming soon, but there is definately gonna be some money given away. Stay Tuned.......