Thursday, March 31, 2011

Jordan West interview

Name? Jordan West

Age? 24

Where you from? Cincinnati, Ohio

Whats your set up? 8.25 Kokomo, Indys, and Outerbelt wheels 52-54mm

Favorite Video part? i always like to see the people that i know personally skate, Doug K's first anonymous part always hyped me up. Also hyped on Storms new part, its tight to see him crushing out in Portland.

Skate Posse? Ed, GC, Al, Matt F, Joel Blaze, Sam Steele ,DK, whoever is down.

Favorite trick? Back smiths, Back lips, 3 flips

Whats next? keep skating, hopefully taking a trip outta here this summer, have fun, and get some clips for the spring vid

Shout outs? the whole posse we skate with, and anyone thats helped me out, GC, high school, Joe Dorsi, Blazer, Licardi, Rob turner

Monday, March 21, 2011

Straight off the Greyhound. Devin Abner......

Devin took the bus to Orlando to chill and skate with the homie Kevin Hackett, and ripped off this switch heel immediately off the bus. The kids got feet. Get to your local skateshop and cop his board from Instrument, if you re shop doesnt carry Instrument, youre shopping in the wrong place. Hit up and we'll direct you where you can get em. Devins a beast, straight up....

Taylor Nawrocki chill day.......

heres a small glimpse into a daily routine for Taylor...setting up a board, lacing up kicks, pushing around, and showing love. This is the Instrument lifesteeze. Get with it. Video by Cody Ellis.

Friday, March 11, 2011

the homie Jay Croft has been puttting in a lot of work on his site street peep it and be on the lookout for coverage of your favorite Instrument riders. Heres a random shot i found on facebook shot by Doug Korfhagen. spring/summer line dropping April 15th.. will post soon enough......

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

New stuff..........soon.

we are shooting for an April 15th release of our spring/summer line. there are definately some bangers in there but you'll have to wait a couple more weeks before we reveal em. until then, peep this edit from the outtakes of Timmys big Adventure. Ed and Storm have a few clips in there....Yerp

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bombing hills.....

d Heres a video by Tucker Glasow, with Kokomo Joe and some p town locals....this is tight...

Thursday, March 3, 2011

official retailers..........thank you.

We would like to thank each and every shop that carries Instrument. Without you, we wouldnt be able to keep going. If you need anything from Instrument, let us know. Also customers, feel free to contact any of these stores to purchase Instrument products. If they dont have it in stock, they will get it for you, so please continue to support your local Instrument retailer and make sure those who shops who dont know why you arent shopping there. We will continue to make Quality products and continue to represent our region. any other shops that ive forgotten on this list, feel free to drop us a line at and we'll fix it. Instrument is also available thru AWH distribution. Thanks again, we appreciate the support.

Galaxie Skateshop Newport, KY
Koncrete City Cincinnati, OH
Local skatepark Cincinnati, OH
Cosmic (KY, IN, OH)
Embassy Columbus, OH
Old Skool Westerville, OH
One Love Dayton, OH
Rise skateshop Indy, IN
Rise skateshop Ft. Wayne, IN
Blacklist boardshop Lawrenceburg, IN
Home skateshop Louisville, KY
Riot skatepark Louisville, KY
the Void, Lexington, KY
Bleeding Ink, Grove City, OH
DKs skatepark Kokomo, IN
Maggots skateshop Gallapolis, OH
Skate Naked Columbus, OH
Demented Skateshop Hamilton, OH
Premiere skateshop Grand Rapids MI
Corporate Cincinnati, OH
OTR Cincinnati, OH
Shrunken Head Portland, OR