Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Five Year Anniversary Party

Yes its true, we've made it to five years. this is a huge accomplishment so we're gonna do something special for it. Its gonna be a block party at 2017 elm street, in historic OTR. we've already received permission from the city to block off a side street, where we're gonna set up some boxes, Anonymous is gonna sponsor a game of skate for some dough, and Galaxie has vowed to build something specifically for this event. Cant wait to see what that ones gonna be like. We have a huge private lot where we're gonna have beer, food, and a slideshow of past and current Instrument riders, We will have the beats on all day with Dj DirtyC and Floyd from Ohio on the tables. The grill we be hot. we are gonna need a qualified grill master so anyone who wants to trade a little service for some product. hit us up at info@skateinstrument.com. There will be a limited edition t shirt release as well. will post those soon. Thanks goes out to all our retailers, and everyone who reps.

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