Thursday, December 30, 2010

Taking it back.

nose blunt that is. Here Taylor Nawrocki sneaks in a bs noseblunt and a switch fs D at the historic Dodge skatepark in Columbus. If you're not hip to Dodge, im sorry to hear that. this park was one of the first of its kind in Ohio. I used to go up there when i first started skating. It ws built in the early ninetys, even though most people think its older. anyway its definately fun, so check it out when the weather by Joe Inglis.

Monday, December 20, 2010


Yessir, Ed Kennedys part from timmys big adventure, a video by the homie tristan in Portland , Oregon.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Ian Storms big adventure.......

so heres Ians part from the homie tristans video, out in Portland Oregon. peep it, he's killin shit.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Devin Abner FS flip.

Not sure if i already posted this flick or not. either way here it is, FS flip Lawrenceburg, IN. Shot by Bass. Also more photos of devin coming soon, not sure if they'll be skate flicks or fishing shots, time will tell. until then get tio your local shop and cop his new board.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

New Gallery/retailer

Our friends over at southpaw printing, have a new location and are also opening a boutique that will carry random artist items, screen prints and yes they will have some Instrument clothing as well. For all the people who contantly ask where to get the stuff, heres one more spot to pick it up. Its called static age and is opening on the seventeenth of this month which is also the final friday celebration that happens monthly down there. Stop thru, pick something up and wish them good luck in their newest venture.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

RIP real skateboard shops.

So, recently there has been a wave of core skateshops closing their doors forever, (most notably Rise bloomington) How can the best shop in your town be closing? well the first reason is the internet. Skaters and their parents are more frequently taking the easy way out and mail ordering their goods from some superstore outlet bullshit internet company. These same parents are the ones who dont understand why there are no more jobs around. they're the reason once booming downtown storefronts are vacant. this is why your property values continue to drop. If you dont invest in your community, it will dry up. This is just skateboarding but it is a metaphor for all business. so this christmas, and for now on hopefully, take your money to a local retailer, get off your ass and drive to a skateboard shop, instead of shipping your money to some out of state no overhead internet store. trust me in the long run you will see an effect. And this isnt just some rant for sales, we're doing fine. Next time you go to an event put on by the local shop or company, walk up to the owner and or manager and tell them thanks. Do not send your money to another state to save 3 dollars. Support your local shop.

This is completely another subject but this is a message to the Skateboarders themselves. Stop sending your sponsor me tapes to companys you've never supported. Dont tell them you love their company if you filmed your whole part on blanks. Riding blanks ruins your chances of getting sponsored. No you dont owe them anything and vice versa, they dont owe you anything. Companys cannot afford to sponsor you if their boards are being outsold by generic blanks. Support companys that get you psyched to skate, that put on events in your town, and that give something to skateboarding, whether that be us or any other legit company. This starts with retailer also, why do you carry blanks? i'd love to know.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

More new items.

Flavor hoody
Deye "kokomo pocket t"