Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Gary Collins----Inspired by.

As a skateboarder thats been skating for over twenty years i've been inspired by hundreds of skaters, artists, musicians, average joes, etc. Theres no pre requisite for inspiration, it could be anything really. As far as skateboarders and skateboard tricks, one person that stands out from over the years, is Alan Peterson. Some of you prob arent familiar with him, (alot prob are) There was just something about the way he skated. In particular, the way he backside ollied. I was blessed with the privilege of traveling across the county a couple times in a smelly tour van with Alan and was equally blown away each time we skated. I remember seeing him bs stalefish and pretty much dedicated the next few sessions to learning them. Even though i havent seen alan in ten or so years, everytime i skate a backyard ramp i think of the way he did it, and how sick it was. It just looked different than everyone else. Thanks Alan, this ones for you homie. (Alan photo by hutch, Gary photo by Abineri)

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