Saturday, January 7, 2012

Jordan West.....

We caught up with Jordan West for a little quick q and a session. Also heres a new edit with some of the making noise 3 footy and a few new clips. the photo and edit are by Ian Jones. Enjoy!

Full name?
Jordan Taylor West

Who gives you products?
Instrument skateboards. Outer belt wheels from Columbus. Joe Dorsi hooks up Domestics Clothing and I get Etnies from the sole tech rep.

Who have you been skating with?
I've been skating a lot with Ian Jones lately. He got a new cam and he's always down to film so that helps a lot. I skate with Mat Frantz, Sam Steele, Joel Blazer and Gary Collins a lot too. A lot of homies have moved to Portland or elsewhere so I only get to skate with everyone when they're in town. I'm down to skate with anyone who shows up to the session.

Whats your set up?
My setup pretty much stays the same. I skate the Instrument 8.5 black logo deck, 52mm Outerbelt wheels, Indy 149s, and Bones Swiss bearings.

Where do you like to skate?
I like to skate all over Cincinnati. There's a lot too skate here. I like skating anywhere a session with friends can go down... Glencoe, D O's , flat or whatever. I like skating banks, ledges, mannys, wall rides, street gaps pretty much everything but jumping down big shit.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
In 5 years I'll be 30. I'll be doing the same thing, skating as much as possible and working. I'll probably have a house by that point. I don't know if I'll still be in Cincinnati still or not. I also see myself traveling a lot more at that point.

Who are some rippers you've been noticing coming up around Cincinnati?
There are a lot of rippers in Cincinnati. Theyre all over but coming up I'd have to say the three that pop into my mind are Zac Coyne, Bern Iseli, and Austin Pastura. The younger guys learn so quickly now it almost seems unreal.

What's the secret to to dating all those beautiful women?
Hahaha. Mystery sparks interest. Maybe im just lucky. I definately feel lucky.

Got any shout outs?
Pops, GC, Shaman, Ian Jones, Joel Blazer, Ed, Storm, Al, Andrew Helvey, Licardi, Vlad, Doug Korfhagen, Zach Kincaid, Joe Dorsi, Highschool, Sam Steelo, there's just too many homies to type them all out.

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