Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Bass' premiere pics

Desira and Geran made the trip down from Bloomington
This is what everyone saw by the end of the night.
Blacklist crew rolled in to celebrate Instrument and also Brandt's birthday.
Stormy made it back from Oregon for the premiere, with licardi and zach.
i think this was before the first showing. heads are looking pretty sober in this one. well besides Brooks.
Gary with everyones new favorite skater, Cole Wilson.

homies Bern, Zade, Tommy and Grace hammin it up with Zac
By the looks of this picture, 4 outta 5 of the ladies in the house were, well, not old enough to drink.
jack, michael, andrew, seth and alex get their chill on
Tyler Macko, came out to support Instrument.

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