Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Thanks, Celina.

Originally, we left with plans of having a filmer and a photographer. the two guys who dropped off the trip were you guessed it. both filmer and photographer gone. oh well we packed up with a crew consisting of Jordan West, Zac Coyne, Cole Wilson, Gary Collins, Devin Abner, and Instrument Homie Brooks Shuping. So all we have as evidence is a couple pics from zacs Iphone. Suming up the trip, Cole and Brooks did a couple of raw ollies over a wheelchair bump, we watched a parade, ate funnel cakes, rode some carnival rides, drank about 60 beers, skating in extreme heat on blacktop, and checked out the design for their new park (which looks pretty tight) Thanks goes out to Jesse, Keith and Johnny d for bringing us up there, hopefully we ll be back soon.

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