Thursday, March 31, 2011

Jordan West interview

Name? Jordan West

Age? 24

Where you from? Cincinnati, Ohio

Whats your set up? 8.25 Kokomo, Indys, and Outerbelt wheels 52-54mm

Favorite Video part? i always like to see the people that i know personally skate, Doug K's first anonymous part always hyped me up. Also hyped on Storms new part, its tight to see him crushing out in Portland.

Skate Posse? Ed, GC, Al, Matt F, Joel Blaze, Sam Steele ,DK, whoever is down.

Favorite trick? Back smiths, Back lips, 3 flips

Whats next? keep skating, hopefully taking a trip outta here this summer, have fun, and get some clips for the spring vid

Shout outs? the whole posse we skate with, and anyone thats helped me out, GC, high school, Joe Dorsi, Blazer, Licardi, Rob turner

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