Sunday, February 27, 2011

Zac interview...

Photo by Ian Abineri, Interview by Leya Siri.

Favorite Skater? why?
The Gonz, because he's the gonz.

What's a video part you watch everyday?
Austyn Gillete habitat origins

What's your set up?
8.18 d. abner thunder trucks, spitfires, habitat shoes

Favorite skate spot in the area?
Glencoe banks

When did it hit you that skateboarding was no longer a hobby but a lifestyle?
Hahaha, I guess it's always just been a lifestyle.

Whats the newest trick you've learned?
Nollie bs flips

When did you start skating?
Uh, probably like 7 years ago? Maybe I was like 8.

Other hobbies?
Art and computers

What got you into skating?
Friend showed me some 411 video and got real hyped on it I guess.


  1. kid rips, last 2 clips are him

  2. My set up Instrument deck,spits,thunder-lights,and lakia shoes