Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Taylor Nawrocki Interview

where you livin?
4th & 18th. Columbus Ohio.

where did you grow up?
East side, Reynoldsburg.


how long you been skating?
9 years.

howd you get hooked up with Instrument?
I always been in Cincinnati when I was young, 16 years old, would catch the Greyhound solo and end up on the Block. Maybe Al or GC would get me from the station. All I would have on me was a bag with some clothes and my skateboard. Did that for a while, skated with all the O.G. Nati heads, and finally linked up.

who else hooks you up?
Gravis, Analog & Embassy Boardshop.

whats up with embassy?
Eric Barkow is my best friend, as much as he doesn't want to admit it. He's put me on and helped me out with a lot.

what kinda stuff you like skating?
I'll skate a lot of things.

whats your set up?
Instrument 8.25, Independents. I got a weird bushing set up, blue doh-doh's on top, then Independent soft red bushings on the bottom. Turns the best. Spitfire Street Burners, 52's or so.

you got any shout outs or people you wanna thank or say whats up to?
Cristina, my girl. You're welcome for the drop. Ma, Pa, Eric Barkow, Eric Brown, Eric Girgash, Alex Davis, Gary Collins, Mike Newton, thank you! What's goodie: Franz Lyons, Ben Tolford, Nick Tolford, George Quick, Eric Zimmerman, Alex Bellerud, Ned XL, Budi, Ed Kennedy, DK, Kelch, Daniel McKewen, Gabe Peterson, Jake Witchet, Glakken, Greg Donchatz, Natinale Mambo, OJ Hayes, Adam Lowe, Ryan Moya, Shane Mastell, and whoever else I forgot, sorry. You're thanked.

whats next?
Make a move.

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