Thursday, August 19, 2010


So basically everybody knows Devins a beast at this point.. I will tell you the footy we'e sittin on is way better than his Cant Stop the Shine part, which was insane. so until we release it just peep this tuck knee...shot by Adam Bass .Also Devin just celebrated his 20th bday so when you see him, he'll take a brew.

where you livin at right now? cincinnati OH

Who all do you skate for? instrument boards anonymous skateshop

Whats your set up? instrument board. what ever trucks the shop gives me. and some spits.
Whos in your daily skate posse?
brandt. kappa. macko. adam. chad.

Why Instrument? the boards are the best. and the team is super sick.

Plans for the future? skate skate skate

How many beers can your drink? 100ish

how many stooges a day? a pack or 2

shout outs? tyler abner

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