Tuesday, June 22, 2010


i wish i woulda taken more photos but heres the 100 dollar bill Ed got at the longest ollie contest at Delhi. i think it was nineteen boards.....so rediculous. Good looks on the money Fat Nick. Shouts out to Joe at blacklist, we stole the idea from them. also shouts to LBG matt for his long ollie over there which was 17 boards respectfully......Sorry to the Koncrete City guys who had their BBQ at Beeech Acres, we werent able to make it.......anyone who actually has a shot of eds ollie send it to me asap info@skateinstrument.com Also Big shouts to franz who came down from columbus to snap eight boards in the high ollie contest........

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  1. dude i have a vid but its my cell phone camera and its real shitty