Monday, March 22, 2010


ok spring is finally rolling in out here and the skating has already taken off. Taylor Nawrocki was just in town filming with Eric Girgash for an upcoming project due out by years end. Devin Abner has already stacked a couple minutes worth of new Footy that will be released in the future. Ian Storm, Kokomo Joe, and Edward Kennedy are holding it down on the west coast at the moment. Gary and Jordan West can be found anywhere around Cincinnati, skating and filming whatnot. As most people already know, CJ has moved on from the squad and i wanna clear everything up about that. No, there are no hard feelings between Instrument and CJ. Yes there is a spot open on the team, but that doesnt mean it will be filled any time soon. there will be a ton of skate events going on around town this summer, everyone is invited to all things instrument related. First on the schedule is a demo/party at the east end cafe Saturday the 3rd. for more details call Koncrete City. 513 231 0399. i wish i had some flicks to post. there'll be some soon.

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