Friday, January 15, 2010

What do you know about?


We met up with Instruments hottest am Ed Kennedy for an ollies session thursday night, and asked him and a few other people a couple quick questions.

Q. what'd you do so far today ED? (its 8.30 P.M.)
A. just chilled at Als, played Madden.

Q. What are you doing right now?
A. just gettin fresh to get dirty at the park.

Q. whats your set up?
A. instrument big boy logo 8.18, indys, Nature hardware, and some 50s.

Q. shout outs?
A. all the block heads and the white girls.

Chase Loges-Kettering

Q. You know who that guy right there is?
A. hell yeah, thats Ed Kennedy.
Q. have you seen the Cant Stop The Shine video?
A. most of it.
Q. name a trick Ed did you remember.
A. uhh, cant remember a specific thing, It was a sick part though.
Q. you have an Instrument board?
A. yeah its my second one.
Q.what do you rep?
A. One Love Skateshop.

Anthony- Florence
Q. whats the first thing that comes to mind about Ed Kennedy.
A. He used to always be in KY, now he stays on the Block.
Q. haha, What else?
A. he used to buy passes for ollies now he just hates on it.

Matthew Frantz-Clifton

Q. whats the first thing that comes to mind about ED?
A. Just his three flips. i like watching his feet, so natural. i feel like he is a natural skateboarder and i'm just a guy who rides a skateboard.

Tyler Macko-Clifton via Dayton
Q. whats the sickest thing you've seen ed do?
A. prob that 3 flip at the beginning of his part. super sick

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